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Michael Blumin

5 Star Inspection Services, LLC is an independent home inspection business owned and operated by Michael Todd Blumin, Sr., a Licensed Home Inspector bearing License #HI9715 from the Department of Business & Professional Regulation. The Owner, Your Inspector, and Michael Todd Blumin, Sr. are all the same person.

Throughout this portion of the webpage everything you read will be written by me. I will constantly use the pronouns “I”, “MY”, “ME”, “MINE”, and “MYSELF.” This is because I am the individual who will be providing you with Outstanding Service.
- Licensed, Certified, Qualified, Trained, Insured, Honest, Meticulous, Patient, Calculating, Experienced, Intelligent, Courteous, Caring, Friendly, Diligent, Intuitive, Reliable, Enthusiastic, Determined, & Fair-Minded are a few of the properties that define me.

In order to understand why I am the best individual suited to provide you with outstanding inspection service you must understand what sets me ahead of the competition. My personal history, my education, and professional experiences are the prime factors that will have you convinced that I am the best man to serve you.

I was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida in the 1970s. My family owned and operated a chain of hardware stores named Silver Paint & Hardware. I grew up learning about the systems and components that make up your home and always had a passion for construction and architecture. I started off my professional career with a BFA in Technical Design & Production from Boston University. Upon graduating I became the Master Carpenter for Blue Man Group in Boston, MA. I worked there for 3 years before moving back to sunny South Florida. After two more years of Theatrical Management as the Asst. Technical Director for the Florida Grand Opera I became the Project Manager for PDG Builders, Inc. My experience with the management of Theatrical Construction is what helped award me this awesome transition. I continued as the Director of Construction with PDG Builders for 5 years. During my employment I managed and participated in the construction of several residential and commercial projects. The residential portion was homes; Duplexes, Four-plexes, and a 35 Townhome development. Each of these projects was built from the ground; from the preparation of the site all the way through the permitting, inspection, and construction process to the” C.O.” aka the Certificate of Occupancy. I personally experienced, participated in, and was responsible for the execution and quality control of each phase of construction. I personally hired and supervised the various trades of subcontractors including: Underground Utility, Shell aka Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Air Conditioning aka HVAC, Insulation, Window & Door, Roofing, and more. I worked with the County and City divisions that govern and regulate the construction and inspection process. I was on-site and participated in the various inspections for each of the trades. I saw what was approved, what failed, and what corrections were required to pass each inspection.

In 2009 the housing market had been in decline for a few years. Business was slow and I decided to go out on my own and make repairs to homes. In 2010 I opened MTBS LLC, a handyman service. A year later I moved to the west coast of Florida, got married to my beautiful wife of two children, purchased our home, and had two more children. We live happily on 6-1/2 acres and keep horses. We are very fond of our lifestyle and our community.

After 12 years in the construction and home repair businesses I have seen countless deficiencies, failures, and errors that could have been avoided by utilizing the information provided in a proper home inspection by a competent and experienced individual who is driven by the very attributes that define me.

Take advantage of my passion to inspect and report the conditions that exist at your prospective purchase or sale and allow me to put everything that I am to use to provide you with the information you need to protect yourself during the process of purchasing or selling your property.

Michael Blumin Working on a Panel