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•    My services are tailored to make sure that the integrity of the home is properly communicated to you before you close on your real estate purchase. As a licensed and certified professional inspector, I conduct a visual inspection of the property’s accessible systems and components at the time of inspection , including:

- Structures & Foundations
- Attics & Crawl Spaces
- Roofing & Gutters
- Exterior, Garages, & Grounds
- Windows & Doors

- Electrical Systems
- Plumbing Systems
- Heating & Cooling Systems
- Kitchen & Bath
- Water Heaters

•    Once you have taken advantage of my meticulous inspection services, I will provide you with a fully detailed report including photos and sometimes videos within 48 hours of the physical inspection.
(If that’s not fast enough, I can provide rush service options to meet your needs.)

•    Types Of Inspection Services Offered:
-    Comprehensive Home Inspections including Condominiums, Mobile Homes, Town Houses and RV Campers
-    4 Point Inspections
-    Wind Mitigation Inspections
-    Roof Inspections
-    Pool Inspections

Pool Roof

•    What Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection?
o     A Wind Mitigation Inspection provides your insurance company with accurate information about the construction and all enhancements of the structure to determine how it will fair in high winds such as those from hurricanes and tropical storms. This inspection looks for features of the home that will reduce any loss from these storms such as: hurricane straps, shutters, impact resistant windows, gable bracing, deck fasteners and attachment, garage door rating, and more.  As a qualified inspector I will make recommendations that may help you save on your Windstorm Insurance premium.

•    Why Do You Need A Home Inspection?
o    BUYERS:
•    Your home is one of the most substantial investments that you will make in your lifetime.  You need a qualified and detail oriented assessment of the systems and components of your purchase to protect you from the things that you can’t and are not trained to see.  Most buyers walk into a prospective property and are blinded by the possibilities of their future.  It is not my goal to shatter those dreams, but instead to ensure that you and your family start off as safe and care free as possible.
•    The pre-sale home inspection is your chance to find the faults and deficiencies that are hidden from the untrained eye.  Once you sign the dotted line at your closing any new faults or failures are your responsibility.
•   A comprehensive home inspection by a qualified and knowledgeable inspector can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars in major repairs and alterations by detecting minor and major defects before closing and ensuring the integrity of the home. With each inspection you receive a fully detailed report, color pictures, videos (when necessary), and recommendations as to the type of licensed or certified professional that will be required to correct the deficiencies found.

•    A Pre-listing, Comprehensive Home Inspection gives you, the Seller, the knowledge you need to determine what repairs you plan to make to the flaws and defects of your property prior to a potential sale so that you can get the best price possible for your property and to protect you from costly delays and failed closings.  These inspections also provide you with the knowledge to be prepared for price negotiations and gives confidence to potential buyers in their decision to purchase your property because of your honesty and preparation.

o    My Attention to detail and unparalleled customer service are the foundations of my business. You may rest assured that I will never rush through any inspection; I will always provide you with thorough inspection services that exceed the industry standard. As my valued customer, you deserve nothing less. I operate on integrity, honesty and loyalty to my customers.

o    Hiring a professional Home Inspector is critical to your real estate transaction. A home inspection not only assures that your new home is a safe place to live but it secures peace of mind that you are making a sound investment. Let 5 Star Inspection Services perform your Home Inspection today! Not only will I find the obvious problems but I will take the time necessary to find the issues that other home inspectors miss. With over 15 years in Construction, Project Management, Home Remodeling and Repair, I have the knowledge and expertise needed to get the inspection done right the first time and give you the tools needed to successfully address important property issues that may exist.
o    With InterNACHI’s comprehensive training and certifications and my vast experience, I am one of the most reliable and outstanding inspection companies in Florida.

FL License # HI9715

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